We are proud of our worldwide partnerships!

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We are proud of our worldwide partnerships!

Congratulations to Brian Higgs and his company Cascadia in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada on their 20th anniversary. Brian has been an important partner in the Canadian market for the last 20 years. Together we have realized many great projects in hydropower.

We asked Brian what he likes the most about the cooperation with Rittmeyer:

Rittmeyer’s products and people are of the highest quality. They are constantly improving their technologies and service. They regularly visit my region and give technical presentations to owners and consulting engineers which are always well received.
Rittmeyer annually participates in the largest international trade fair focused on hydropower «HydroVision» in the USA. Whenever this trade show takes place near my region I'm invited to share my experiences and knowledge.

«I have great confidence when I offer Rittmeyer to my customers.»

We also asked about the beginnings of his partnership with Rittmeyer and some project highlights from the past:

In early 2000, my colleague and friend, Jake Alaica and I were on a joint sales call in BC and I showed him a little advertisement in Agency Sales Magazine by Rittmeyer seeking distributors. I thought Rittmeyer only made small pressure transducers, but Jake said they also have large flow meters and BC Hydro would be a good potential customer. So I pursued it and got an agreement with Rittmeyer thanks to Jake.

Cascadia has been privileged with orders for 29 large flow meter systems installed at some 25 hydro-electric generating plants in BC. This includes a 16-path ultrasonic transit-time flow meter on a 20-foot (6 meters) diameter penstock. Over the years, we also supplied 66 gate position transmitters to BC Hydro for most of their 29 dams.

One of my favorite projects is the Brazeau dam penstock flow meter installation in Alberta for TransAlta. As a young man I had worked for Poole Construction, as a carpenter’s helper, at the site in the sixties and it really felt good to provide the penstock flowmeters in 2017.

Please find some impressions of this project below:

We would like to thank Brian Higgs for the excellent partnership and look forward to further joint projects.