Technical Support

Technical Support

Service hotline

Our international service hotline +41 844 11 22 11 is available 24 hours.

Remote maintenance

With TeamViewer QuickSupport we can establish a connection to your PC or server and provide remote support services. This application is easy to use, free of charge, and does not require installation. You simply download the software, start the program, and give us your ID and password by phone.

We will then temporarily access your system together with you, and solve your problem as if we were on site. An ideal, quick and straightforward support and remote maintenance solution.

Download TeamViewer (.exe, 5,5 MB)


In our main repair shop we perform all kinds of repairs quickly, professionally and based on many years of experience.

Call your contact or send the device directly to the service center at the Rittmeyer headquarters in Baar with a detailed description of the defect.