Penstock Leak Detection

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Penstock Leak Detection


Detecting leaks early and minimizing risks: The Rittmeyer penstock monitoring system is a standalone unit with its own independent components. To capture the readings, high precision flow measurements are taken at both ends of the penstock. The RISONIC modular unit thereby continuously checks the difference of the two readings to make sure that a leak or full rupture of the penstock can quickly and clearly be identified.


The continuous monitoring of the signal quality allows for the detection of suspended solids in the water and therefore helps to prevent the turbine from increased wear. The operating point of the turbine can be optimally adjusted to maximize turbine efficiency. As an alternative to ultrasonic measurements both at the upper and lower end of the penstock, the flow can also be measured using the Winter-Kennedy method at the turbine inlet.

Advantages of this method

  • Early detection of even the smallest leaks
  • Quick and safe reaction in case of partial or full rupture
  • Monitoring even in pump mode (bidirectional flow measurement)
  • Maximizing turbine efficiency
  • Protecting the turbine by detecting suspended solids
  • Comprehensive remote diagnostics and control through modern communication interfaces
  • Flexible adjustment of key parameters via the web interface
  • Easy to retrofit even with existing third party sensors