RIPRESS premium – High precision level measurement system

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RIPRESS premium – High precision level measurement system

Durable and maintenance-free - RIPRESS premium provides high precision hydrostatic and pneumatic measurements for exact storage volume calculations, e.g. in reservoirs, to optimize the water management and to save costs.

The RIPRESS premium measurement system includes a quartz crystal resonator and an Instrumentation Controller with inputs for up to 4 measuring points. Furthermore, it features an integrated web server and different communication interfaces thus facilitating easy remote configurations and diagnostics.

Product details

  • High precision level measurements (resolution ≤ 1 mm H2O)
  • Exact storage volume calculations
  • Durable, stable and high precision pressure measurements (typical accuracy < 0.01% FS)
  • Easy to integrate into existing installations
  • Optional redundant measuring setup for maximum availability
  • Trend function and limit value monitoring
  • Low power input

Primary applications

  • Level measurement
  • Volume calculation
  • Hydrostatic or pneumatic pressure measurement


  • Reservoirs/dams
  • Basins
  • Open channels
  • Rivers