Hydrant – flow & pressure test kit

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Hydrant – flow & pressure test kit

Ensuring adequate water supply in fire emergencies

Do you want a quick and easy check of the flow & pressure in your hydrant system?
Does your system meet the mandatory requirements?
The hydrant flow & pressure test kit of Rittmeyer is very easy to operate and enables flow and pressure measurement at the same time on one measuring tube and up to two hydrants.

Measures the hydrant pressure quickly and reliable

The kit is based on Rittmeyer’s high precision ultrasonic flow measurement system RISONIC modular with the Clamp-on sensors. The device can be easily transported as the measuring tube and the instrument case are separate units.
It can operate at up to 25 bar water pressure and meets the environmental class IP65
(IP40 with the instrument case open).
After the system installation you can easily generate a clearly represented evaluation of the network capacity due to predefined mathematical formulas. 


  • Simultaneous measurement of static pressure, flow pressure, flow velocity and volume
  • Fire safety level increased
  • Compliance with maintenance and test regulations and standards
  • Higher operational readiness of the extinguishing water supply
  • Mobile, battery-powered, easy and quick to use
  • Visual representation of measured data


  • Cost – efficient solution: complete flow & pressure measuring system including rechargeable battery in one kit
  • Combined flow (Q) and pressure measurement (p)
  • Up to three pressure measurements are recorded at the same time (measuring tube, hydrant 1 & 2)
  • Automatic generation of Q/p diagrams using Microsoft® Excel
  • Easy handling via tablet, smartphone or PC/notebook
  • Wireless, real-time analysis with built-in WIFI/WLAN access point
  • Rugged design of compact transportation case