New Look – Same Passion

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New Look – Same Passion


Rittmeyer has been part of the BRUGG Group since 1979. From 15 June 2023, we will show this affiliation even more clearly by adapting our visual identity to that of the BRUGG Group. Green will become blue. What will remain unchanged is our passion and commitment to the water and energy industry.

The ongoing trend towards networking and digitalisation of municipal and national infrastructures is unbroken. Topics such as artificial intelligence, data management and smart infrastructure are becoming increasingly important. Within the BRUGG Group, we are increasingly focusing on these areas to develop innovative solutions for our customers and partners. Read more about this in the BRUGG Group press release.    

With a fresh look, we look forward to continuing to support our customers and partners with our many years of experience and expertise, and to working with them to tackle the challenges in water and energy supply, wastewater treatment, and irrigation. 

About the BRUGG Group

The former cable factory in Brugg has become the BRUGG Group, a typical Swiss niche player. With over 1800 employees and around 35 subsidiaries, the BRUGG Group generates a turnover of more than half a billion Swiss francs. The main areas are district heating technology, protection systems against natural hazards, process control technology for utilities (water, wastewater, gas, electricity), steel cables for transport railways and cable architecture, lift and lifting equipment as well as cable solutions for e-mobility, wind energy and industry.

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