RISONIC modular - Flow measurement system

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RISONIC modular - Flow measurement system

The right solution with future technology

RISONIC modular, a modular measurement system for specific hydroengineering applications, was developed for ultrasonic flow measurements in filled and partially filled pipes and open channels. Whether for penstock monitoring, turbine and pump efficiency measurements or flow measurements in irrigation systems or water supplies, the system’s modular design provides a broad spectrum of applications and measurement setups with up to 20 measuring paths.

In addition, RISONIC modular can be remotely serviced with a variety of diagnostic functions to localize malfunctions quickly and thus reduce down-times. With its user-friendly and intuitive workflow, RISONIC modular requires minimal training.

Product details

  • Precise flow measurements (in pumped storage power stations in both directions)
  • Maintenance-free and very durable
  • Remote access and monitoring with a variety of diagnostic functions
  • Easy to integrate into process control systems with Modbus TCP+RTU and IEC 60870-5-104
  • Various setups possible, e.g. with total flow calculations in all measuring segments
  • Suitable even for complex hydraulic applications and in harsh environments
  • Compliant with IEC 60041 and ASME PTC 18


  • Flow measurement
  • Water balance
  • Penstock monitoring
  • Turbine efficiency monitoring
  • Sediment monitoring


  • Hydropower plants
  • Water supplies
  • Irrigation systems
  • Cooling water circuits

Modular system design

RISONIC modular includes three system components:

  • An instrumentation controller that collects the sensor data and, based on these, calculates the exact flow and other measured values
  • Up to five RISONIC ultrasonic transit time modules that prepare and pre-process the sensor signals before their transmission to the controller
  • Different ultrasonic sensors that are either firmly mounted (inside or outside) or non-invasively attached to the outside of the pipe (clamp-on installation with magnetic frame or adhesive mounting). Alternatively they can be used to measure open channels.
Ultrasonic Transit Time Modul